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Female Anglo American employees on board the new Komatsu 303 haul truck at Dawson mine
Female Anglo American employees on board the new Komatsu 303 haul truck at Dawson mine

Dawson mine is located in the Dawson Valley, at the southern end of the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland. The mine is made up of three operating pits: North, Central and South.

Dawson mine is owned by the Moura Joint Venture, comprising Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd (51%) and Mitsui Coal Holdings Pty Ltd (49%). The mine is operated and managed by Anglo American.

The site has been operating since the 1960s and was the first mine to export coal to Japan in 1961. It was also the first mine to introduce draglines into its operations in 1963.

Each year, Dawson mine produces coking, soft coking and thermal coal, using open cut and highwall mining methods. Coal is railed to the RGTanna Coal Terminal in Gladstone for export to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and India.

Technology has been integral in the development of Dawson, starting with the introduction of Queensland’s first dragline in 1963 and continuing with modern highwall mining systems.


In December 2004, Anglo American announced with Mitsui & Co. Ltd our intent to recapitalise our existing operations at Dawson and establish two additional mining operations at adjacent tenures to the current mining operations. The expansion included construction of a new coal preparation plant, additional mining equipment, a coal conveying system for transporting coal, rail load out facilities and administration buildings.

Dawson combines three adjacent coal mining areas, stretching almost 60 kilometres, with the lease area is almost twice that length. These areas share common infrastructure.


Dawson is located near the township of Moura (population 2900). The mine and Moura township are approximately two hours’ drive from Queensland's tropical coast, the cities of Rockhampton, Gladstone, etc.

Regional profile

The majority of employees of Dawson reside in the Banana Shire, in the established towns of Moura, Biloela, Wowan, Banana and Theodore. The Banana Shire supports numerous industries and is well serviced with public and private primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions and a broad range of health care facilities and cultural and religious groups.

Safety and environmental performance

Safety and environment is maintained to the Australian Standards AS4801 and ISO140001.

Environmental issues

Dawson has incorporated initiatives to deliver improved environmental outcomes. These include:

  • Minimising energy consumption through the use of conveyors instead of trucks to move materials long distances and to reduce water applied to roads;
  • Minimising raw water consumption through the installation of ‘backbone’ water pipeline to maximise water recycling and drought proof other areas of the mine;
  • Biodiversity through the adoption of modern standards in environmental management and the establishment of a nature refuge;
  • Establishment of research trials to optimise the long term sustainability of rehabilitation by working with local Territory Institutions and businesses; and 
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring and management through an integrated action plan

Community relations

Dawson is committed to the community and contributes to improving services and facilities in the area. Dawson utilises its current Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT) recommendations, which were developed in consultation with the local community to develop an annual Community Engagement Plan outlining how Dawson will support the sustainable development of its surrounding communities for the preceding calendar year.

Cultural heritage

A key feature of Dawson is the development of Cultural Heritage Agreements for Dawson North and South. These agreements have established a co-operative framework to help minimise impacts for areas covered by Native Title or Cultural Heritage guidelines at Dawson North, Central and South developments. At Dawson North and Central, we created a Cultural Heritage Investigation and Management Agreement in consultation with the Gangulu People, who are the Traditional Owners of the development area and custodial owners of the cultural heritage in the area. At Dawson South, Cultural Heritage Agreements have been agreed separately with Traditional Owners of the development area – the Gangulu and the Wulli Wulli people.


The Dawson operation is located in the beautiful and diversified Dawson Valley. Located only one to two hours from the east coast and major regional centres of Gladstone and Rockhampton, the Dawson Valley provides a gateway to world-renowned tourist destinations including the Great Barrier Reef, Keppel Islands and many National Parks.

The Banana Shire provides a variety of recreation, employment, education and lifestyle options with a range of businesses and more than 350 community and sporting groups to choose from.

Our Dawson mine is committed to the community and contributes to improving services and facilities in the area. Employees participate in local community forums, including the Moura Chamber of Commerce, Moura Industry Summit and Moura Child Care Project. In recent years, the mine has supported:

  • In 2012 Anglo American donated $100,000 to the Moura Childcare Centre for the construction of a babies room.
  • In early 2011 Anglo American provided more than $1.5 million in cash and in-kind support towards Queensland's flood relief and recovery effort, which included emergency accommodation for evacuated Theodore residents, the provision of a temporary donga to be used as a medical practice in Theodore and deliveries of househound furniture to Theodore residents;
  • In June 2011 the mine announced the successful recipients of its 2011 sponsorship program, with 18 local community groups receiving more than $50,000 in cash and in-kind support, including a $10,000 donation to the Moura Progress Committee to use towards a promotional campaign for Moura;
  • In 2010 we sponsored the Central Queensland RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service with a $AUS15,000 donation that the service will put towards the operating costs of their new Sikorsky 76 helicopter
  • In 2005 the mine donated $300,000 towards the upgrade of the Moura Airstrip.